Saturday, September 19, 2015


Have you ever heard you are beautiful
I know what you're worth
But you don't see it at all
After the rain has fallen down the sun comes out

Just keep believing
You'll see a new season soon
You're turning into something amazing
Baby, you were born to bloom, bloom, bloom, bloom

Sometimes it is hard to think that you are special or worth something either to yourself or to others. People keep saying I am worth something and admittedly, I don't always believe them. But Lately, I have been trying really hard too and I have sometimes seen the sun peek through all the rain and it makes me smile. 

Anyways, today I am wearing another Chantilly Lace Boutique outfit called Rayne Bunny and I had lots of fun stomping in the rain puddles with my new boots. I didn't really need the umbrella today though as the rain had already stopped but I did bring it along just in case so that my pretty D!va hair didnt get all wet!

I hope you have fun in the rain just remember that the sun is shining behind those rain clouds and you are special too. 

Where to get all the things in the first picture:

TD v2.8 @ Cute Bytes
Ikon Sunrise Eyes @ Ikon
Pink Blush and Dots @ Mynerva
D!va " Mayumi3 " (style B) Hair @ D!va

Pink Sapphire Studs @ Turducken

Rayne Bunny Outfit @ Chantilly Lace Boutique

TD Pose Pack 2 - Pose 2.5 @ Say Cheese

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