Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I Got Your Letter

"I got your letter from the postman just the other day

And so I decided to write you this song

Just to let you know, exactly the way I feel

To let you know my love's so real"

Sooo ... I got into camp! Woot! My daddy got to the sim almost right away and signed me up. I was so worried for a couple days that I wasn't going to make it. The odds seem to hardly ever be in my favor when it comes to limited space and lots of  people wanting into those spaces. I couldn't hardly sleep the night before even. It was like Christmas morning.  Since we got in so quickly and my parents both had an alt left we decided to be helpful and started asking around if other people needed help. Sure enough there were some asking for help so we helped.  Woot! Two more people who really wanted to go were now in camp too thanks to my parents alts.  

Then there was a jealous soul who tried to start drama about my parents helping out other people. All I am going to say about that though is ... "Thank you anon poster because I made some new friends out of that attempt to upset people."  I was so worried that I was going to be going into camp with only a handful of acquaintances but now I know I will have some friends there as well. So again, thank you anon on my timeline! 

It seemed like days but it finally became a real thing. The postman stopped by my house and exclaimed excitedly, "The Little Princess Pey got a letter today!"  I squealed, literally, and ran out to the box to grab it up. I never felt so small in my life though. That mailbox was so high and all the jumping in the world wasn't helping. So I ran back to my room and enlisted my pandas to help me carry books out there. They seemed like a nice thing to use as stairs. I think we carried about a hundred books out but it finally reached high enough. 

I let Pandie climb up first because I was scared they would fall over. After she got up there she jumped up on the mailbox and held on for dear life while I start my way up the book mountain. By time I made it to the top I noticed that Pandie had reached in and gotten the mail. "Zomg Pandie let me have the letter!" I was soo excited and I wanted my mail so bad! Pandie started laughing and teasing and waving my mail around. 

But finally I grabbed it from her and ran to my room with it. My big panda that hangs out near my candy shelf wandered back into my room from outside and grabbed himself a cotton candy stick before plopping on the rug and staring at me.  I think he wanted me to read the letter to him.  First I went to the shelf and grabbed us a few snack to munch on. Then I ripped the envelope open and spread all the stuff out on the floor between me and panda and the snacks.  

Yah! there were some pictures on one of the things. I showed panda and he pretty much just sat there getting cotton candy all over his face and pointing to the letter. Right! I should look at it because it will probably tell me all the things I needed to know for camp!  I look down and to my shock ..... (don't look at the next picture if you don't want to know what the letter says yet!) 

.. there were too many words! I can't read! Well, I could see my name at the top but I know how to write my name so that one was easy. But the rest of the letter was like Greek to me!  I looked at panda hoping he could read it but I could tell that he didn't because he just went right on eating that blasted cotton candy. Mommy and Daddy were on an errand and wouldn't be back for a while yet. What do I do? 

Maybe my Mommy and Daddy will be home soon ... 

I will not be doing credits this time because I have blogged all of this before.
Also, the first pose was made by me while the other ones are random AO poses. 

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