Monday, January 4, 2016

In the Middle of Starting Over

As hard as it seems
I hold my breath and just believe

Tired of all the troubles
They've been wasting my time
I don't wanna fight
Gonna leave it behind
Taking on faith
Now I'm ready to fly
I'm in the middle of starting over

Back to the beginning
Gonna hit rewind
Chance to do it over
Get it right this time
Life gives you pennies
Turn them into dimes
I'm in the middle of starting over

Alone in a room
Tearing down the walls
Painting over scars and bruises
Now this is home
Fill it up with love
And make the best of something new

I am not a very consistent blogger, but today I kind of 
felt like doing one since my SLife has changed a bit. I had 
to take a breather after some recent things that happened 
that made me a very sad little girl but I feel a bit better
 now and one person that was there in middle of the messes 
with me is now my closest friend. 

Her name is ... Mommy.. now. Well it was back then as well 
but sometimes hard times make you sit back and see who 
is there and who isn't and she was and is still.  I feel like we 
have grown closer because of it all and I am ready to move on 
and start over. 

I probably should start with cleaning my room up because 
it is a bit messy from moving in.  I couldn't help sitting around 
and playing with all my toys that suddenly seemed new 
when Mommy was unpacking them. 

No credits this time as I have worn and blogged
everything on this post before at some point in time. 

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