Sunday, February 23, 2014

Whispering Angels

*waves* Hello everyone! A new place to shop and hang out opened up today with some live music and of course shopping. I, unfortunately, only saw the last couple minutes of the concert and I can not say with certainty who the group was either. I will try to catch them next though because I heard rumors that they were awesome and the crowd really wanted them to come back again! 

So, Whispering Angels is the name of the place and there are some super stores there. The first store I popped into was called The Baby Bunny Clothing Company and not only is the name of the shop adorable, the clothes inside it were too! I seriously wanted to get everything and I will eventually have all I want from that store .. only not in one go. I have to pace myself and my wallet! *giggle* But if you are like me and waiting until your next allowance or pay day do not fret because there is a box outside the store with a super cute minty colored hoodie with bunny ears on it. Omgah! I love it .. look ... 

Next, I wandered into a cute little store called Pix 'n' Mix. The first thing that caught my eye was a sign saying "New!". *gasp as I run over there*  All the spring dresses and daisy's  and umm .. did I say cuteness? I of course picked out my most favorite color .. 

After looking at all the clothing cuteness, I stepped across the street and into a very cute pose store. I love poses and tend to buy as many as I can. I mean, I am a blogger and a photographer and I can never get enough poses right?!  I picked out the only single pose I could find (at this time because I am sure more are coming!) and snapped a quick photo of it so you can see how cool it is. I love it and it was promptly added to my pose folder ready to pull out and use at cute kid photo shoots. Woot! 

Along with the various shop stores around there was also a yard sale store for gacha items called "found it!' So if you ever find yourself missing something from a gacha set you might find someone who is selling it here. I know I will add this to my list of frequently visited gacha odds and ends sales. It is like going into a thrift shop and finding that one awesome little trinket that you cant live without! 

So, all in all, this sim is very cute and the stores are to die for and the people I met there are super nice. 
Go visit it sometime ... Here .. this taxi will give you a ride.


Boom Love My Eyes Eyeliner
Pink Fuel Elly Skin
PC Shallow Water Eyes
D!va Hair Mayumi Onyx

.trinket Sunshine Bracelet Duo
Turducken Pink Sapphire Studs


Picture One:
The Baby Bunny Company Free Bunny Hoodie
Baby Pie Mint Wide Legged Corduroy Pants

Picture Two:
Pix 'N' Mix Spring Bouquet Dotty Pink Outfit

Picture Three:
Butterfly Kisses Outfit by Me (Store coming soon)
using the Forget Me Not "Be Mine" Pose

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