Thursday, February 27, 2014

Two Worlds

So, I have been slowly working on some products so I can open a TD store.  Below is one of the dresses I have made so far. I think it is pretty darn cute too. Along with this dress I have a couple more dresses and some skirts finished and a collection of hoodies. I think I am well on my way to getting things started soon. 

When I have a bit more products I will release the store name and logo and hopefully get a little shop up in SL.  I would love if people can let me know if this dress is cute or not or if it would get bought. I am not sure what the demand is at this time.  I know it is a template that is out everywhere but until I figure out blender templates are all I have to work with.


Boom Love My Eyes Eyeliner
Mynerva Skin
PC Shallow Water Eyes
D!va Hair Manon Onyx

Cute Bytes Princess Pixie Wings
Turducken Pink Sapphire Studs


Picture One:
Original Skull Dress by Peyton Garnet (Me)
Baby Pie Tights and Flats

.Click Diva 4

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