Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Something Sweeter

This is going to be a huge post! That is OK though, because I love how my room turned out and wanted to show all of you. This is the first time I have done my own room like this. Well I did my own room in the house my family had before, but we can say that was just practice *giggle*.  So let's get going because I have a lot to show you!

The Picture above is right outside the door to my room. 
Both pandas are from D-Labs. The big one moves its head back and forth and comes with or without poses. I used the without poses one here and the one you will see in my room in a minute is with the poses. 
The Little panda head poking through my wall has another half to it as well which you will see later. Both pandas are so adorable!

Above you can see the D-Labs panda again. This one has the sit poses and they are so cute! Also in this picture is the Dollhouse from Pilot. I think it is one of the cutest Dollhouses I have seen in a long while. The shelf is from the * AR * Hannah bedroom set. It is hard to see but on the top shelf is a little glow jar lamp from LISP. In the back of the area here is the Suitcase dresser from {what next}. Of course I have the pink one (in case you couldn't tell!) 

Next comes the sleeping area! 

The panda wall art is from the marketplace. My mommy found those for me! The three little pink and white shelf's are from {what next} along with the pink Lantern lights.  The white curtains are actually color change and they are from Xzari. The Hugs and Kisses blocks on the middle shelf are from Thaino DesignS. They was a present from Mommy and Daddy and a huge part of my bedtime routine. No leaves without hugs and kisses first! 

The bed is from the Alda kids bedroom set tat the Loft hat my Aunty Silv got for me recently. My aunties Silv and Aimee really spoil the heck out of me. They even made me this huge pink (and very cute) playhouse with a pool and color changing walkway and musical mushrooms. Oh! Opps, back to my bedroom. *giggle*. The toy box is from Turducken and you can take out and put back your toys. It is super cute!

This little corner of the room is for .. well eating cupcakes for one! The activity table and chairs are from the * AR * Little Ellie bedroom set. There are a few different activities you can do like coloring, drawing eating cupcakes, etc. In the back (that you can't hardly see)  is a lazy panda from Turducken that has several cute sitting poses. The small heart shelves in the background was a gift from mommy and daddy too. It is from  Thaino DesignS as well. On the top of the shelves is another Lantern light from {what next} and a little box of love from the .emm store. 

This is one of my favorite places in the room! The reading area. I love books so I had to have a book area in my room too! The bookcases are from LISP and they even have a ladder so i can reach the high ones! The small bookcase in the middle is from Alouette. The picture on the wall was a gift but I believe it can be found at the Treasure Cove. The Princess pillow on the floor has many poses in it from sleeping to sitting to playing. It was also a gift a while back but if I do the fancy right clicking thingy it says it is from Petit Coeur.
The books and notebooks on the floor are from floorplan.

The sitting corner is the last major area in my room and I love it. The arm chair is from Turducken. The small stack of notebooks and homework in front of the chair are from the Loft Alda bedroom set. The stack of books beside the chair are from  PipSqueaKs. The really cute shelf and drawers in the back I found at {what next} along with the camera that is on one of the shelves. The other shelves have knick knacks from the desk of the Alda bedroom set. On the top is a little stack of clutter and a lamp from .emm along with another of the pink lanterns. The chest is also from the Loft Alda bedroom set. On top of it is a super cute musicbox from MishMish that plays the Nutcracker. The potted plant is from floorplan and the photo panda I found on the marketplace along with the panda wall art. .  

As you exit my room you might see a little panda tail waggling at you. It seem she was trying to see what was in the living room and got stuck. I am still wondering how she stacked up all those books, which I believe are from Refined Wild (coreect me if i am wrong) but I saw them at the Fantasy Fair a while back. 

So this is my room right here. I am sure I will be adding and subtracting things from time to  because that is what I do. But for now this is cute as can be. A few things I missed when listing all the items are the big pink activity rug is from the * AR * Little Ellie bedroom set. The panda head rug I found on the marketplace. There are some random knickknacks like games and books i found on the marketplace as well.  Clothes on the floor is from the Loft bedroom set I own. If I missed anything and you want to know where it is from then let me know and i will tell you!

I hope you have enjoyed the tour. It was super fun making my own room this time. Usually I bought a set or I let someone else do it. I really can't wait to try decorating something else. Maybe the next thing will be my little playhouse. Oh wait! I still have my room at our vacation house to decorate too. That is jsut a small room but I am sure i can make it look cozy. 

Until next time! 




Boom Love My Eyes Eyeliner
My Ugly Dorthy Skin
Forever Young Baby Eyes
Analog Dog Mint Light Blondes


Turducken Pink Sapphire Studs
Sweet Tots Princess Pretty Tiara


Baby Princess Alianor Dress Pink 
@ all the little things event

!omg- Khaleesi Pose Pack #2 
@ all the little things event

Panda from D-Labs


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