Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Girl

I used to live in a darkened room
Had a face of stone
And a heart of gloom
Lost my hope, I was so far gone
Cryin’ all my tears
With the curtains drawn
I didn’t know until my soul broke free
I’ve got these angels watching over me
Oh watch me go
I’m a happy girl
Everybody knows
That the sweetest thing you’ll ever see
In the whole wide world
Is a happy girl

I used to hide in a party crowd
Bottled up inside
Feeling so left out
Standing in a corner wearing concrete shoes
With my frozen smile
And my lighted fuse
Now every time I start to feel like that
I roll my heart out like a welcome mat
Laugh when I feel like it
Cry when I feel like it
That’s just how my life is
That’s how it goes
Oh watch me go
I’m a happy girl
And I’ve come to know
That the world won’t change
Just ’cause I complain
Let the axis twirl
I’m a happy girl
Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah
I’m a happy girl
What I Am Wearing:
Mynerva Skin
Mynerva GG Pink Blush/Dots/Lip Gloss
Point B Washu Tangelo Hair
Forever Young Baby Green Eyes
Boom ‘Love my Eyes’ Eyeliner
Turducken Pink Sapphire Stud Earrings
{BabySteps} Dinostashel Hoodie
~with Jeans and boots
* AR * – Lemonade – Fruits crates Prop
.Click Playful Pose
Song is Happy Girl by Martina McBride

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